About Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego

At Indian® Motorcycle of San Diego, we are passionate about the industry and our goal is to help you experience all the joys, freedom, independence, and life-changing experience that a quality Indian Motorcycle can bring. From the moment you enter our "customer first"
showroom you will realize that our experience is a unique one and one that is 100% dedicated to serving our customers and creating a long-term relationship and working to exceed your expectations in every aspect. Whether you are a seasoned rider, a first-timer, or maybe not sure, come in and sit down with our team and let us help you to craft your goals and bring the amazing experience of owning an Indian Motorcycle to life for you.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Indian Motorcycle of San Diego, we believe a Company’s statements and views around their mission, vision and values will be critical to their overall success. With some a mission, vision and value statement just ends up being words on a sheet of paper and at some point, they can
get off course from them. We strongly believe that our mission, vision and values has to start at the top, and must be adopted and lived in by everyone in the organization.

Our Mission (Why We Exist)

Our Mission is to combine community and experiential retail within the power sports industry, by providing consumers with memorable experiences and driving a consumer first mindset in everything we do.

Our Vision (What We Strive to Accomplish)

Our Vision is to help drive brand strength and loyalty by transforming the power sports industry into a consumer centric model that drives community and consumer experience above all else, and to create long-term sustainable relationships and connections with our customers.

Our Values (What We Stand For)

Our core values as an organization will be about obsessing our customers in everything we do.

We live by 5 Pillars:

Ethics - We will live and act with ethical behavior with and for our customers.
Trust - We will act in a way to gain your trust.
Honesty - We will be honest with everything we do and in every step of the process.
Loyalty - We will keep our commitments and drive continued loyalty with our customers.
Community - We will strive to create a community that we will engage with regularly and in every aspects of their lifetime with us.

These will be our guiding pillars that will drive everything we do, and we will never discriminate or be exclusive in any way. Everyone is welcome at Indian Motorcycle of San Diego.

We check in regularly to ensure that we are living up to our mission, vision and values and we welcome our customers to engage with us if they are not experiencing exactly what we strive to accomplish. If you ever feel that your experience does not live up to this, please contact our Owner, Tim Broadhead at tim@indianofsd.com and we will work diligently to make your experience a great one and to live up to our mission, vision and values. 


Today’s consumer expects more from their retail experience and we strive to bring this to them. No longer are retail destinations a place-of-transaction as people have become conditioned to transacting online due to the ease of it. Retail destinations need to become more about the experience and our Experiential Center is a place for riders and groups to connect whenever they want. We have goals to combine an effective online/social strategy, coupled with our amazing in-store experience, and we feel the result will create a lifetime relationship with our customers.

One of our top goals is we want the experience to become a special one for you but also become a destination that is more than just a shopping experience but one that feels like a second home to you. Whether it is our community and friendly feel; the family-friendly atmosphere; or the fun and constant entertainment and events; our customer experience instore will always be a special one and we hope our customers will be regular visitors that will enjoy each other’s and the staff’s time together.

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Call us at 858-277-0422 or come by today and experience our superior service and selection! We look forward to serving you!

Contact Us

Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego is conveniently located in San Diego and San Diego County, CA near the areas of Encinitas, Chula Vista, and El Cajon.