Our Dealership Experience

Our Consumer 1st Approach

At Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego, we are focused around the consumer and bringing the best experience possible with every service offering. The customer always comes 1st and we will always put your experience above everything else. Part of what our customers can expect is a full-service dealership which will include value-added services such as:

  • Concierge services, including free pick-up and drop-off services in our beautiful wrapped truck with an Amerideck, installed so you can take comfort that every last detail of care will be taken with your bike;
  • Loyalty and reward point programs;
  • Local club sponsor and membership programs;
  • Discount programs for repeat buyers, loyalty, military, first responder, and local riding club members;
  • Bundled program offerings;
  • Seminars on safety and education;
  • Being a destination and experiential location with routine events;
  • A first-class Customer Lounge and Club Room for our customers;
  • We have tables and computers in our lounge and Club Room so customers can work while they wait or build the motorcycle of their dreams;
  • A commitment to active and retired military and first responders;

We feel strongly that our “Consumer 1st ” mindset will be a differentiator for our customers and will drive sustainable and lifetime relationships with each person that visits our showroom.

Our Experience

The moment you walk into our showroom you will immediately feel the difference from traditional dealerships. As noted throughout our website, we know that today’s consumer expects more from their retail experience and it is our goal to bring this to them. We want to combine an effective online/social strategy, and couple that with an amazing in-store experience, and the combination should bring a unique and special experience for our customers, that will not only be a special moment for them but hopefully create an experience that they will never forget and keep you coming back to visit with us.

One of our top goals is we want the experience to become a special one for you but also become a destination that is more than just a shopping experience but one that feels like a second home to you. We have invested in every area of the dealership to make this goal attainable. Some examples include:

  • We will always have free WIFI with lightning fast speeds and secure browsing;
  • Watch your favorite sports, movie, and content on our beautiful 4k Video Wall that will bring almost 200” of a screen for your viewing pleasures;
  • We installed a large window that looks into the service department, so customers can get the unique experience of watching their motorcycle being serviced or upgraded with the latest parts to make your dream bike come to life;
  • Our customer lounge is designed to give you the best experience possible while you hang out or you are waiting and includes:
    • Our lounge will always be stocked with your favorite cold beverages and snacks;
    • A top-notch automatic coffee machine that will contain your favorite flavors and produce the most unique milk foam quality and taste;
    • A bar-height counter that has a combination of I-pads and computers all at your disposal so you can get any work you need to be done, answer emails, browse the latest Indian Motorcycle models, and even build your dream motorcycle;
  • Need a little more privacy or a room to work in? Then maybe our Club Room is the destination spot for you.
    • You can enjoy our conference table at your pleasure or our “work counter” which will always have computers ready for your use;
    • Our Club Room will be available for local riding clubs to hold their club meetings or events;
    • We will have regular events, meetings, classes, etc. that will fill our Club Room;
  • Our Parts counter will always be open to you for all your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have, help you find the right parts for your bike, and even offer creative options and solutions for you to build your dream bike. Above our Parts counter you will find the latest parts, garments, and apparel on the TV above it, so you will always be up to speed with the best products at your disposal.
  • Our dealership calendar will always be full of fun and excited events for you to enjoy, as well as educational to help with any questions you have. Some of the events you will find are:
    • Weekend BBQs and fuel up meals before and after your club ride;
    • Cook-off contests;
    • Beer garden and local brewery events;
    • Ladies night every month and women ride days;
    • Local bands playing routinely;
    • Our Summer and Fall Concert Series;
    • Movie nights and movie premiers;
    • Fight night and sporting events;
    • Family days with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy;
    • Blood drives, charity rides, and charity events;
    • Demo days and demo truck events;
    • Bike Curious Events;
    • Dealership sponsored rides;
    • Military and First Responder days;
    • IMRG Chapter meetings;
    • Custom bike contests;

Above are just a few of the many examples of the commitments that we have made to our customers to make the experience the best it can be. We also love to hear from our customers on events they would like to see or enjoy, so please send ideas and thoughts to marketing@indianofsd.com.

Whether it is our community and friendly feel; the family-friendly atmosphere; or the fun and constant entertainment and events; our customer experience in-store will always be a special one and we hope our customers will be regular visitors that will enjoy each other’s and the staff’s time together.