Giving Back

Walk for Wishes - San Diego, CA

At Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego, we believe that supporting our community is integral to running a successful business and is the responsibility of every good corporate citizen. Our dealership will always be more than just selling motorcycles and retail goods, but also trying to make a positive difference and impact within the community and for others.

Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego’s Philanthropic Mission Statement

The mission of our program is to support not-for- profit organizations that work to help build, shape and improve children's lives, coupled with supporting the brave Americans that put their lives on the line every day to make ours a safer one. We believe that children have the potential and the desire to make the world a better place, and we focus our resources on such organizations in an effort to help build the strong, healthy communities in which we all wish to work and live. We also understand how lucky we are that every day there are brave men and women that go out every day with the goal of protecting people they have never met. It is our mission to take every moment we can to give back and support them in every way we can.

Our Commitment to Military and First Responders

At Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego, our dealership is 100% committed to military and first responders through special pricing and promotional programs; giving our time and resources to these organizations; monetary and product donations; free learn to ride and safety classes; motorcycle storage while deployed, and so much more. Our goal is to give back in every way possible to those who protect our freedom and safety. Our dealership and website will always have a spotlight dedicated to these HERO’S and an example of organizations that we support are Wounded Warrior Project ( and the MARSOC Foundation (

Our Commitment to Charitable Giving

The Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego family has demonstrated a strong commitment to charitable giving in our community. Over the years we have donated and helped raise countless dollars for local charities and an example of some of our commitments include hosting regular blood drives, supporting local charities, organizations, schools, community teams, schools, etc. While our family has supported many charities over the years, we have elected to concentrate our support to the Make-A- Wish foundation and specifically the San Diego chapter. We spend hours donating our time, we give direct donations both personally and as a dealership family, and we sell co-branded products with every dollar of profit going to the local chapter. We welcome you to join us in this wonderful mission that makes the lives of children and their families a better one. Find out more here: /--MAW

Make-A- Wish is a nationally recognized organization that believes that wishes are more than just a nice thing. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness. This one belief guides everything they do at Make-A- Wish ® and it inspires them to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids they serve. Wishes impact everyone involved - wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical professionals and communities and the impact varies.

For wish kids, just the act of making their wish come true can give them the courage to comply with their medical treatments and for their parents might finally feel like they can be optimistic. Whatever the odds, whatever the obstacles...wishes to find a way to make the world better.

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