Safety & Learning

Our Commitment to Safety and Education

At Indian Motorcycle of San Diego, we committed to removing any barriers that present themselves to you that might keep you from enjoying the freedom and experience that only a motorcycle can bring. One of the biggest barriers has to do with safety concerns and general education, both of which we are 100% committed to.

Some of our free content and in-dealership offerings to our customers will be:

  • Regular “how-to” seminars;
  • Bringing in industry experts to give lectures on key topics with Q&A sessions; 
  • Educational courses;
  • Process, steps & content related to key areas and processes like the process to attain your license;
  • Bike inspection checklists;
  • Protective gear education;
  • Top 10 safety list;
  • A class on how to safely pick up a dropped bike;
  • Beginners education classes and intro to motorcycling;
  • Through affiliates, we will offer:
    • Learn to ride courses;
    • Basic rider course 2;
    • Advanced rider courses;
    • Returning rider courses;
    • DL389 certification courses;

Our customers are part of our family and your safety and comfort levels are critical to our long- term goals. We will always be up to date on the latest safety programs and equipment and we are committed to bringing you the best experience possible. At Indian Motorcycle of San Diego, you can always count on us to live up to our commitment to improving customer excellence metrics and our Consumer 1 st mission.