Riding Clubs

Our Commitment to the Local Riding Clubs

Indian Motorcycle of San Diego is active in the motorcycle and riding community and will continue to do so with our IMSD Club President’s Group and the IMSD Club Points.

The Captains Club of IMSD

Our dealership will be starting a local Captains Club where the leaders of the local riding groups will meet quarterly at our dealership to discuss topics such as rider safety, new courses, ways to improve club participation, etc. with the goal being the improvement to the club rider’s experience and their safety. We have found throughout our professional experience that the sharing of information can be powerful and as rider’s, we are all one. When great minds get together with a common goal, the output can often be powerful, and often new ideas will emerge.

We will also bring in outside vendors or professionals that can discuss the latest products, laws, safety, etc. to give the club President valuable information to take back to their members. It will also be a fun opportunity for you to see and try some of the latest products before they hit the market. There will be no shortage of topics for the group to discuss and hopefully add value to all of your club members.

Our marketing department will be reaching out to the local clubs to discuss this with group leaders and we look forward to making the riding community an improved and safer one for everyone.

IMSD Club Points

Local riding clubs will receive in-store and online discounts. Your club can always “earn” IMSD Club Points (“Club Points”) for participation levels. Your club will receive Club Points for every activity that involves our dealership, such as club rides that begin or end at the dealership; club involvement in dealership sponsored rides; holding club events or meetings at our dealership; and many more. See the details below for requirements and pertinent information.

Our commitment to the local community goes far beyond supporting rides and Club Points as we want to be a trusted resource for your group and your riders. Our beautiful conference room will be available for your use for club meetings; the dealership can be available for you to host club events during non-business hours; local riding maps and routes available online that will be routinely updated; hosting of club pages and emailing of information to your riders; and much more as we are always open to assisting our friends in the community. Please contact marketing@indianofsd.com for more details.

How to Earn, Track and Use Your Points

Points are accumulated through participation as noted above and they will be available for use after a specific point milestone has been reached. Points will be tracked through our P.O.S. System and Club Presidents will receive emails notifying them of points earned. Points will be paid out in the form of gift cards from major credit card companies that can be used to pay for your club’s events.

IMSD Club Points System

  • 1,000 Points = $50.00 gift card
  • 2,000 Points = $100.00 gift card
  • 4,000 Points = $200.00 gift card
  • 6,000 Points = $400.00 gift card
  • 10,000 Points = $500.00 gift card

How Points are Accumulated

Clubs will earn points based on participation with events that involve our dealership as noted above. Points will be earned and accumulated based on the following scale:

  • Club rides that begin or end at our dealership with riders of 15 or more equals 250 points; 25+ riders equals 500 points.
  • Club rides that begin AND end at our dealership with riders of 15 or more equal 500 points; 25+ riders equals 1,000 points.
  • Club’s involvement in a dealership sponsored rides with 15 riders or more equals 500 points; 25+ riders equals 1,000 points.
  • Club’s involvement in a dealership sponsored charity events with 15 riders or more equals 1,000 points; 25+ riders equals 1,500 points.

Terms & Conditions

Points are automatically credited to your IMSD Club Point account with each event at Indian Motorcycles of San Diego. Rewards are generally available 24-48 hours after purchase.

  • Points earned with the IMSD Club Point Program expire on December 31 st of every calendar year. Points do not roll over to the following year.
  • Club Points can only be redeemed by the club’s President and a photo ID will be required.
  • Employees of Indian Motorcycles of San Diego are not eligible for the program. Anyone with a store discount for any reason will not be eligible to participate.
  • Points and rewards have no cash value and rewards cannot be redeemed and placed on the account.
  • Indian Motorcycles of San Diego reserves the right to discontinue the IMSD Club Point Program privileges and void all or a portion of a member's point balance if points have been issued, received, or redeemed through human/computer error, fraud, theft, illegal activity, or any manner inconsistent with the intent of the program. Indian Motorcycles of San Diego also reserves the right to modify or cancel the IMSD Club Points Program without prior notice.
  • All points are given at the discretion of Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego. Points can be changed, removed, or added at any time and hold no cash value.
  • Any and all discrepancies will be decided by Indian Motorcycles of San Diego management and all decisions are final.
  • Club President’s attendance at IMSD Club President Group meetings equals 1,000 points.