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True American Heroes

A HERO is someone who does what he or she can, despite the personal cost, when it needs to be done.

A HERO behaves selflessly, usually at considerable risk and sacrifice to their safety, to comfort and make the world a better place.

Our active and fallen Heroes put themselves in harm's way while protecting and serving a community, and often will pay the ultimate price for their sacrifice. We are honored to have the privilege to display and pay respect to these hero’s in every way we can, and displaying their image in our dealership and online is something we take great pride in.  For the in-store display, we will take care of all the framing and image printing.  We just need a high-resolution photo emailed to us and details are included below.  In addition to the image, if you would like to include information about your hero like their name and/or other details, please include this with your submission.

If you would like to honor someone in our store or online, please email our owner Tim Broadhead at tim@indianofsd.com.  We would be proud to honor them.  Thank you!

Hero - Patrick Suggs

Patrick Suggs

Although Pat served in the U.S. Army, he had joint assignments with the USN and USMC, and twice with the USAF. His duties ranged from being a liaison to the 11th (GE) Artillery Regt and 272 (GE) Airborne battalion, to two company commands and a battalion command, culminating with him working in Cheyenne Mountain as the Directed Energy Branch Chief. He now works as a Project manager for SPAWAR. He rides an Indian Chief Roadmaster.

IMSD of San Diego proudly displays Patrick as one of our heroes and we thank him for his countless service and many hours protecting our freedoms!