Customer Corner

At Indian Motorcycle® of San Diego, our number one focus is our customers and creating the best experience possible for them, both in-store and online.  So, it should come as no surprise that our Customer Corner section of the website is our content leader and the first section after the home page. It will always be fresh and up to date, with our goal to have you coming back and making our dealership and online community a regular destination for you and your friends while helping to bring the community to life. The first thing you will notice is our commitment to bring a premium experience to our customers, and no matter what your end goal is, we are committed to making your experience a first-class one at every turn while adding you to our family forever.

With the depth of details that we bring to every product online, you will know every aspect of our products at your fingertips with a swipe of a mouse or keypad. We believe that a well-informed customer ends up being a happy one, and it also helps to build trust with our dealership and our staff.  Being a trusted resource to our customers is one of our biggest goals and is a top mission for our Company.

You will always find the actual images of every motorcycle in inventory unless it is in transit and not on our floor, and we believe that seeing various angles of the actual images will aid our customers to be the most informed they can be to make the best decision for them and their family.

Our customers are the lifeblood of the dealership and we will always strive to provide you with the best in class experience and if you ever have an experience that doesn’t live up to these expectations then please contact our Owner and CEO Tim Broadhead directly at Our ownership and management will be accessible at all times for our customers, both in-dealership and online, and they are committed to making your time and experience with us a great one.